Dreaming Big!!

Hey everyone! Dani-elle here, and I just wanted to drop in and let everyone knowwhat I am up to. We have some big newsdream_big about to be released about the band and I am so excited for everyone to know! I have been writing up a storm, and have some really big news coming up regarding where all of those songs are going! Some great things are in the works, and I am so blessed to have all of these opportunities coming my way! I can not wait to share them with y’all!Keep checking my site under the Tour page to check out all of the new shows that are being added onto the Dream Big tour and come on out, I can’t wait to see everyone there!! Stayed tuned, “Like” my facebook page, follow me on Twitter, join the Dream Team, and sign up for my all new newsletter, The Dani Times, to be the first to know about all of the upcoming news!

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  1. Greetings,I have just been introduced to this site. And I must say Oh My Gawd, you rule! It is very iitnrestneg to me how much of my style reflects your own. Once I have a dollar or two to pass along you can count on it. Just for now I am living on a Starving Artists income. Emphasis goes on the starving part. Thank you so much for the wonder stuff you do, it has given me so much inspiration and I can not wait to see more. :) ~Gn0m3


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